SHACMAN beyond expectations in Pakistan

“SHACMAN is the best truck in Pakistan, my dumper is always in good condition, I never drive my dumper to workshop except for maintenance, I treat SHACMAN as my wife !” was what one of the drivers I met during a routine maintenance excitedly told me. Since the first 197 units of SHACMAN vehicles arrived at the port of Karachi in September 2016, SHACMAN wasa bound to become a great local brand.

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Malaysia market research and visit

On November 13th, Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile vice general manager Zhou Yinchao arrived in Malaysia for local market research.

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SHACMAN military vehicle competition

August 6th Moscow time was the start of Russia's "international military competition -2016 vehicle professional" event. Many military vehicles forms around the globed set out to compete in the single vehicle race. The first day of the event saw the teams from China, Russia, Kazakhstan and Venezuela at the city outskirts of Ostrogozhsk.

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