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Working Group Meeting on National Standards for LNG Vehicles

Pubdate:2019-05-16     Read:8806

On May 14, the fourth meeting of the Working Group on National Standards for LNG Vehicles was held in Xi'an Commercial Vehicle Industrial Park of Shaanxi Automobile Group. This meeting was organized by the Standardization Research Institute of China Automobile Technology Research Center Co., Ltd. and sponsored by Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co., Ltd. The meeting introduced the working group's progress in developing draft standards and standard projects, discussed QC/T755 Technical Conditions for LNG Special Devices, initiated the revision of GB19239 Installation Requirements for Gas Vehicle Special Devices and arranged the follow-up work.

In recent years, Shaanxi Automobile Group has actively participated in the revision of national and automotive industry standards, participated in 15 national technical committees for standardization of various types of automobiles, participated in the formulation of 22 national and industry standards, including Limits on Fuel Consumption of Heavy Commercial Vehicles, Road Vehicles, Electromagnetic Compatibility Requirements and Test Methods, and took the lead in formulating Technical Requirements for Liquefied Natural Gas System. The company has set Four national industry standards on natural gas and methanol, such as methanol automobile fuel system, technical requirements, etc. At the same time, Shaanxi Automobile Group has made remarkable achievements in the research of natural gas heavy trucks. It has won seven awards at or above the provincial and ministerial levels, with 85 patents and many technological achievements. In 2018, the enterprise was approved to become a national pilot unit for standardization of high-end equipment manufacturing industry.


On the same day, around the "Technical Conditions for Gas Systems of LNG Vehicles" formulated by Shaanxi Automobile Company and the draft standard GB 19239 "Installation Requirements for Gas Vehicles Special Devices", the leading experts attended the meeting took a rigorous and scientific working attitude, made full use of various technical resources, put forward suggestions for improvement, improved the standard revision, and ensured the smooth completion of standard formulation and index verification, the team made significant improvement of National Standard System for Alternative Energy and Progress of Alternative Fuel Technology

Zhang Tongzhu, Ph.D., of Standards Institute of China Automobile Technology Research Center Co., Ltd., chaired the meeting and highly affirmed the efforts of Shaanxi Automobile in formulating new energy and alternative fuel standards. Wang Xiaofeng, deputy general manager of Shaanxi Automobile Group, and other leading experts from the working group on national standards for liquefied natural gas vehicles participated in the meeting.

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