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First batch of H3000 vehicles arrive in Tajikistan

Pubdate:2019-04-18     Read:4709

Recently, in Tajikistan capital of Dushanbe, the first batch of SHACMAN H3000 trucks were successfully delivered to end users by the Tajikistan Office of SHACMAN in conjunction with local distributors.

In recent years, SHACMAN has seized the opportunity of Tajikistan's logistics market development, visited customers of logistics and transportation industry many times, and upgraded SHACMAN products systematically through market research and analysis, combined with the individual needs of regional customers, and obtained good market feedback. H3000 series products are highly praised by local customers for their novel appearance, strong bearing capacity and comfortable driving abilities .

The delivered H3000 truck products are equipped with Weichai WP10 engine, FAST 12 speed gearbox and Hande 16 ton bridge. The industry's best power assembly ensures the power performance of the vehicle and reduces fuel consumption. The use of telescopic axle shift mechanism also increases cab sealing, and the three-stage boarding pedal is more ergonomic. At the same time, the cab of H3000 truck adopts hydraulic suspension, hydraulic seat and widened sleeper, which greatly improves the ride comfort.

In order to allow customers to better understand the SHACMAN H3000 truck, truck was introduced in all areas at the vehicle delivery site, and the reliability, safety, fuel consumption, product upgrade and after-sales service of the product were explained in detail.

Through this transportation event, customers will have a deeper understanding of H3000 products, lay a solid foundation for further marketing, and also greatly enhance the brand awareness and product diversification of SHACMAN. We believe that SHACMAN will be able to lead the market and work with customers to create a better chapter with the diversification of products and superior after-sales service system.

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