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SHACMAN Ready to Further Expand Its Overseas Presence in 2019

Pubdate:2018-12-04     Read:4262


On December 2, SHACMAN 2019 International Business Meeting was held in Xi’an. Themed with “Value Leading, Service Innovating Pursuing & Surpassing”, the meeting reviewed the truck maker’s overall performance in 2018 and mapped out specific overseas marketing plans next year. Yuan Hongming, president of  SHACMAN, together with over 500 representatives from governments and business partners attended the meeting.

In his keynote speech on SHACMAN Overseas Expansion, Wang Yanhong, General Manager of SHACMAN, pointed out that the company has been making an all-out effort to seek a new round of business transformation. To further speed up the internationalization of SHACMAN, the truck maker will continue to adhere to an innovation-led development road. In 2019, the company aims to increase its sales of SHACMAN trucks to 20,000 units.

Tian Chao, General Manager of SHACMAN Import & Export Company, reviewed the company’s achievements in 2018 and revealed its major measures in 2019 in global expansion, saying the company will continue to diversify its product line and strengthen its overseas marketing efforts.

Cai Xunxun, Chief Engineer of SHACMAN Vehicle Engineering Research Institute, delivered a report on SHACMANTrucks for the Global Market at the meeting. In his report, Mr. Cai revealed that the company, putting paramount emphasis on technological innovation, has a number of customized trucks available for its global customers.

In response to China’s Belt & Road Initiative, SHACMAN has been cooperating closely with a number of other enterprises, making great contributions to the economic and social development in a number of countries and regions across the world. To recognize the significant efforts contributed by its partners, SHACMAN conferred Win-Win Cooperation Award to 12 Chinese enterprises at the meeting. Several other enterprises were also conferred with “SHACMAN's Best Spare Parts Supplier”, “SHACMAN’s Best Service Provider”, “SHACMAN’s Strategic Cooperative Partner”.

At the meeting, SHACMAN Telematics system, SHACMAN’s service system for its overseas market, was also revealed to the public. By taking full advantages of the internet and big data, the system is set to create more values and deepen cooperation between SHACMAN and its global customers.

After the meeting, Wang Yanhong, together with other participants, were shown all SHACMAN series trucks put on display.

By constantly making technological innovations and strengthening its marketing efforts, SHACMAN has made impressive achievements in its overseas market this year. So far, its heavy-duty trucks have successfully made their way to over 100 countries and regions across the world. In addition, its localization strategy has been paying off. This year alone, the sales volume of its locally produced trucks in the overseas market is expected to exceed 3,500 units, reaching a new historical level.

As one of the leading players in China’s manufacturing industry, SHACMAN has contributed immensely to the overall development of China’s commercial vehicle industry. “We will continue to lend our full supports to SHACMAN for its international expansion,” said Tang Yugang, Vice Director of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce.

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