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1000th vehicle rolls off assembly line in Algeria

Pubdate:2018-11-02     Read:3192


On October 30th, the 1000th SHACMAN truck as assembled at the SETIF industrial park in Algeria. The Algeria assembly plant also became the first SHACMAN’s first independently carried out plant design, construction and production facility.

Algeria’s assembly plant is the largest oversea facility for producing SHACMAN vehicles. It is also the first Chinese commercial vehicle assembly plant in Algeria. SHACMAN have successfully established a professional manufacturing team as well as imported domestically advanced management system and manufacturing process. In order to lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of localization projects in Algeria in the future, SHACMAN will control the quality of products on the premise of guaranteeing continuous improvement of production capacity.

It has only been 5 short month since the facility started its test production. The facility has produced F2000, L3000 and X3000 series vehicles as well as successfully implemented mixed line production. The 1000 vehicles are just the starting point. SHACMAN will continue to maintain the determination to break through and surpass bravely, and strive to make overseas assembly plants into shining business cards of our company. We will be committed to providing reliable products and caring services and continuously create maximum value for customers.

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