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SHACMAN beyond expectations in Pakistan

Pubdate:2018-01-04     Read:5704

“SHACMAN is the best truck in Pakistan, my dumper is always in good condition, I never drive my dumper to workshop except for maintenance, I treat SHACMAN as my wife !” was what one of the drivers I met during a routine maintenance excitedly told me. Since the first 197 units of SHACMAN vehicles arrived at the port of Karachi in September 2016, SHACMAN wasa bound to become a great local brand.

Pakistan KKH project second phase was met with great difficulty, a lot of people believed it was impossible to complete the project on schedule due to these problems. In order to ensure that the project was completed on time, all SHACMAN vehicles was assigned with two drivers on twelve hour shifts so the vehicles were working 24/7 all day every day. While the single trip distance of these vehicles were less than 1 kilometers, some of these SHACMAN vehicles have driven over 80,000 kilometers within one year!

The KKH project is built by China Communications Construction Co. As a long time partner of China Communications Construction Co, SHACMAN provided 5 senior service engineers to ensure the uptime of the vehicles. KKH project’s second phase is located in Northern Pakistan, which entailed many problems such as soft soil, terrible road conditions and the fact that most of the drivers for this project never had prior heavy duty truck driving experience. The SHACMAN service team trained the local drivers about how to drive under local circumstances to maximize efficiency while insuring safety. To ensure SHACMAN vehicles are running 24 hours a day, SHACMAN service team actively participated in nightly maintenance work. After one year, SHACMAN vehicles as well its service team received considerable praise from the locals.

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